Elect Norman Feder a proven leader

Position Statements
Position on Consolidation

Through Norman Feder's leadership, the public's overwhelming referendum support for consolidation is being realized. With his election as Fire Commissioner in 2012, Mr. Feder proved his ability to develop a consensus among various groups, frame the issues and keep the taxpayers informed as viable efficiencies were implemented with the consolidation of North Naples Fire Control and Rescue District and the Big Corkscrew Island Fire Control and Rescue District into the new North Collier Fire Control and Rescue District. After twenty years of debate with little prior resolution, significant enhancements and taxpayer savings have already been realized in the consolidation of the districts while service levels have been enhanced at reduced costs to the taxpayer. The millage rates in both areas have been reduced and resources have been enhanced and more efficiently managed while overlapping management and support personnel have been reorganized.  

Position on EMS/Emergency Care and Transport

Firefighters are often the 1st to arrive on scene and need to be allowed to administer the Basic Life Support (BLS) or Advanced Life Support (ALS) skills they have been trained to perform to stabilize patients until Emergency Medical Services (EMS) arrives for transport. The next four years will require leadership to bridge the consolidation of EMS and Fire Control and Rescue across the county or even within consolidated Districts. When the Collier Board of County Commissioners initially denied the Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity (COPCN), the North Collier Fire Control and Rescue District found the way to a "win-win" solution to have its highly trained and capable Paramedics continue to perform Advanced Life Support (ALS) services as needed until County Emergency Medical Services (EMS) arrives on the scene. This resulted in continued quality services to the public. Resolution of this critical issue also allowed ALS services to be provided to the Big Corkscrew Service Area of the merged District.

There is an obvious need for a much more effective protocol and centralized dispatch so every event does not result in immediate response by fire, EMS and the Sheriff's Office. It is inefficient to have all three services respond to every event. Doing what’s best to promote the public welfare will always compel sending any resource required to address the incident; however, we need to pursue a better way to determine the initial emergency response resource needs, while having other assets ready for quick backup as determined by the 1st responder. Significant strides have been made working with the Sheriff's Office to address closest responder to better serve the public. Mr. Feder believes that Fire District and County EMS operations merger should be evaluated under the two currently consolidated districts while countywide consolidation continues to move forward. Another focus area is the continued refinement of recently merged operations and using the lessons learned in continuing consolidation of Fire and Emergency Response activities throughout the County.

Position on Permitting and Inspection

Based on significant concern within the development community that the fire permitting and inspections were delaying needed economic development in the community, Norman Feder led changes to the process that enabled District reviews in the County offices to enhance response times and quality of the reviews. Buildings need to be required to meet all appropriate safety standards. However, the prior disjointed process added considerable additional time and costs with no discernible basis in safety. The recent changes have not only received very favorable support from the development community, but have allowed enhanced coordination between reviewing agencies and increased the quality of reviews and safety of structures. Continued process enhancements and efficiencies will continue to be a focus.

Norman Feder Building Dedication July 25,2012
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